Cross country skiing

With over 500km of perfect cross-country skiing available in the Harz, there is no better way to experience the outstanding beauty of a winter landscape in the Harz.

Many well-groomed trails with various levels of difficulty lead through the snowy forests of the Harz. Especially recommended are the cross country ski tracks of the Harz National Park.

Cross country ski equipment for both adults and children can be hired in all major ski resorts of the Harz, while cozy comfortable forest restaurants along the trails provide tasty specialties of the Harz.

The flood lit cross country ski tracks in Braunlage, Hohegeiss, Buntenbock and Clausthal-Zellerfeld are great for some adventure skiing after dark.

The trails of the Harz are usually linked with each other to form a complete network of cross country skiing tracks.  So for example starting in Braunlage you can easily reach the cross country skiing tracks in Schierke and Torfhaus. In Schierke there is a cross country skiing area with guaranteed snow and about 40km of trails which are located below the Brocken and lead with an altitude of more than 1,000 meters directly into the National Park. Some of the ascents and descents of these trails are highly challenging.

The cross country skiing tracks surrounding Sankt Andreasberg are very popular with various circular courses and connecting trails to suit all levels. Such as the 12km long circuit around the Sonnenberg which is regularly groomed and maintained.

The cross country skiing tracks in Bad Sachsa start from the Ravensberg Mountain and are connected to the 42km long South Harz Trail, which leads to Bad Lauterberg.

The 20km long border trail around Benneckenstein runs along the borders of three states of the Harz: Lower Saxony, Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt. In Sorge there is a circuit which leads to the Freiland-Grenzmuseum showing the Ring of Remembrance and runs along the federal state boundary to the Dreilaenderstein. 

These are just some examples of the numerous cross country skiing tracks that are waiting to be discovered in the Harz.

Hikers are advised to be careful and not to step on the cross country skiing tracks in order to ensure the good condition of these can be maintained.

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