The flower town of the Harz

The popular health spa Blankenburg, with its location in the foreland of the Harz Mountains, impressive castle and garden architecture, the historic Old Town and the stately Art Nouveau mansions, has always been a favourite holiday resort.

  • Gärten des kleinen Schlosses in Blankenburg - Foto: Marko Sandro Schüren
  • Barocke Gärten mit dem Braunschweiger Löwen in Blankenburg - Foto: Marko Sandro Schüren
  • Bartholomäuskirche in Blankenburg - Foto: Marko Sandro Schüren
  • Burg und Festung Regenstein in Blankenburg - Foto: Marko Sandro Schüren
  • Regensteinmühle in Blankenburg - Foto: Marko Sandro Schüren
  • Rübelandbahn - Foto: Marco Gosdschan
  • Sandhöhlen in Blankenburg - Foto: Marko Sandro Schüren
  • Teufelsmauer - Großvaterfelsen in Blankenburg Foto: Marko Sando Schüren
  • Teufelsmauer - Hamburger Wappen in Blankenburg - Foto: Marko Sandro Schüren

The 100-acre ensemble of Blankenburg Castle Gardens is one of the largest and oldest in Saxony-Anhalt and an important part of the state initiative "Garden Dreams". The parks and gardens of the Large and Small Castle include the Terrace Garden, Orangery Court, Mountain Garden with teahouse and the Princess Tower. The large Castle Park has a castle lake and pheasant garden. In the medieval-themed town is the historic Town Hall, Medieval Parish Church St. Bartholomew's and Germany's only historic Hostel Museum , plus the remains of a small palace, the Luisenburg.

On a prominent rocky outcrop just outside the town, lies the Castle and Fortress of Regenstein with its knightly eagles and falcons. The facility is designed as an open-air museum and shows the impressive architectural remains of 32 rooms and trenches worked into the sandstone. Near the castle on the Romanesque Road, the Cistercian Monastery MichaelStein is situated with its monastic herb and vegetable garden.

Walkers will find the mysterious legendary sandstone rock formation Devil's Wall, on the idyllic hiking trails around the town, one of the locations of the popular "Harzer Walking Pin" . Cyclists have the Euroroute R 1 and the attractive cycle network in the northern foreland of the Harz.

With the Blankenburg Climbing Forest, the glass manufactory Harzkristall and the biological leisure pool "Am Thie", with its extensive facilities, there is always something to keep families entertained during the holiday.

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Tourist- und Kurinformation
Blankenburg (Harz)
Schnappelberg 6
38889 Blankenburg (Harz)
Tel. 03944 2898

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