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The small medieval half-timbered town of Stolberg is romantically nestled in four narrow valleys at an altitude of 300 - 350 meters above sea level. The health resort Stolberg is situated on the southern Harz and is a historical town of Europe and Thomas Muentzer at the same time.

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  • Josephskreuz (Foto: Tourist-Information Stolberg)

Stolberg is located on the ”German Half-Timbered House Road”, the birthplace of Thomas Muentzer and Countess Juliana, ancestress of the Dutch royal house,  is surrounded by beautiful nature with over 380 half-timbered houses, some dating back four centuries. The town was awarded in 1993 the title "European Historical Town" and has many good relations with various European cities.

High above the town on top of a rocky spur is the symbol of the town, Stolberg Castle. It served as a residence for Counts and Princes of Stolberg from 1201 - 1945. Today, the castle is open as a museum, where you can admire the impressive history in the restored rooms of the building.

Furthermore, the half-timbered building "Alte Muenze" (old mint) which was built in 1535 is now a museum, where you can discover a unique, completely preserved coin workshop, the only one within Europe.

The 580 meter high Josephs Cross on Mount Auersberg is the largest iron double cross of the world. From here you have an incredible view to Mount Brocken and the Kyffhaeuser. The various well developed network trails allow fascinating views of the town.

For swimming and relaxation the leisure pool Thyragrotte is an idea starting point. With various water attractions, a giant water slide, an outdoor slide, whirlpool and a spacious sauna world, ensure there is something for everyone here.

Tourist information

Niedergasse 17
06536 Südharz OT Stolberg
Telefon: 034654 454 und 19433

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