imperial city and UNESCO World Heritage Site

The thousand- year old town of Goslar is situated on the northern edge of the Harz, and with its historic charm, cultural treasures and the beautiful inner town is a popular destination for cultural and individual travellers.

  • Goslarer Marktplatz - Foto: Stefan Schiefer
  • Altstadt Goslar (Foto: Stefan Schiefer)
  • Goslar - Breite Straße - Foto: Stefan Schiefer
  • Rammelsberg von oben - Foto: Schenk

In 1992 the old town of Goslar and the Rammelsberg Ore Mine were declared UNESCO World Heritage sites. The Rammelsberg Mine is the only mine in the world that has been in continuously use for over a thousand years. Today, the museum welcomes visitors and guests with various mine tours and a calendar of events. Since 2010, the Upper Harz Water Management as one of the world's largest pre-industrial energy supply systems, been added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

On the market square high-up in the gable of the Finance Department building four times a day is an impressive carillon of figures and bells that tell the story of the mining history Rammelsberg , since the discovery of the mine by the Knight Ritter, up to modern times.

Also worth seeing is the Imperial Palace, which was built between 1040 and 1050 under the reign of Henry III, with its extensive exhibition on the history of the migratory empire. The Imperial Palace is a unique monument of secular architecture and housed in the palace chapel under a grave stone is the heart of the deceased Emperor Henry III.

A large selection of museums can be found in Goslar; like the Mönchehaus Museum for Modern Art, the Hall of Homage at the Town Hall, the Zwinger Museum of the late Middle Ages, plus many examples of public art are just a selection of the cultural offerings of Goslar.

The churches and chapels, Goslar's fortifications and the Guild Houses invite you to a journey into the past.

In winter discover the beautiful and romantic Goslar Christmas Market Forest with a sprinkle of snow.

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