Hiking in the Harz Mountains

during winter season

Romantic winter walks all wrapped up and cozy or a brisk hike through the snowy landscape. Is there a better way to enjoy the winter landscape in a more relaxed way?

The fresh mountain air, a slight chill blowing, snow capped mountains and rosy cheeks; a winter walk is the perfect way to relax during your winter holiday and take in the majestic white beauty of the Harz winter landscape.

Throughout the Harz, certain footpaths are smoothed and cleared making it possible to discover for example the National Park from Bad Harzburg, or to wander from Schierke to the snowy summit of the Brocken Mountain.

An exceptionally long winter hiking trail leads from Ilsenburg through the Harz National Park to Drei Annen Hohne. Long and short walks in the snow can be undertaken almost everywhere, especially around the towns of Braunlage, Elend and Rothesütte; as well as Wieda, Zorge, Hohegeiss and Benneckenstein where there are plenty of opportunities to go for leisurely walks or something more adventures. However, it all depends on the right equipment. Sturdy shoes and warm clothes are always appropriate, particularly when walking through snow-covered regions where trails are not ploughed.

Snowshoe walks are enjoying increasing popularity in the Harz and make a winter hike or outing into something very special. Even in the deepest snow, snowshoes prevent you from sinking; as a result making it possible to glide light-footed along the many unspoiled trails of the winter landscape. Snowshoeing is a great experience, gets you fit and is suitable for adults and children.

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