Long distance hikes in the Harz Mountains

Although the Harzer-Hexen-Stieg is one of the most famous long distance trails, it is far from being the only one in the Harz.

  • Am Försterstieg (Foto: Ch. Steingaß)
  • Torfhausmoor (Foto: M. Gloger)
  • Wandern im Harz (Rechte: IMG Sachsen-Anhalt, Fotograf: Boris Breuer)
  • Wanderer auf dem Kolonnenweg (Foto: HTV)

There are many other hiking routes ​​that cross the Harz Mountains from north to south which lead hikers through green forests, majestic mountains and many exciting locations.

  • The Harzer Baudensteig is almost 100km in length and takes hikers from Bad Grund to Walkenried through mixed forests, gentle valleys and over hills with sweeping views towards the Harz Mountains. Of particular note are the traditional rustic mountain huts where much needed refreshments are served.
  • The Harzer Grenzweg runs almost 100km along the former border of Germany. Here you can learn from testimonies about the former German division. This trail uniquely combines nature, culture and the history of the Harz.
  • The Karstwanderweg Suedharz stretches over 200km from Sangerhausen to Osterode in the south of the Harz. This trail follows a karst landscape formed by southern Harz characteristic rock – gypsum.
  • The Selketal-Stieg follows one of the most beautiful valleys of the Harz. It is a firm favorite for lovers of nature and culture. This 72km trail starts from the scenic Falkenstein Castle over to the UNESCO world heritage town of Quedlinburg.
  • The Harzer Foersterstieg runs from the historic imperial city of Goslar south to the mountain village of Riefensbeek-Kamschlacken at Osterode. It passes three major dams of the western Harz: The Grane Dam, the Innerste Dam and the Soese Dam.
  • In a fast paced world full of sensory overload, the journey along the 64km Harz Monastery Trail offers precious moments of silence in the northern Harz foothills. From the Wendhusen Monastery at Thale it leads you to the UNESCO old town of Goslar.

Roam across the Harz in many interesting and exciting ways.
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