The Cradle of Anhalt and the town of Albrecht the Bear

The officially recognized resort Ballenstedt is a small town on the northern edge of the Harz with a large history. Ballenstedt is the former headquarter and residence of the Dukes of Ascanians of Anhalt-Bernburg.

  • Ballenstedt
  • Schlosstheater Ballenstedt (Foto: Jürgen Meusel)
  • Schlosspark Ballenstedt (Foto: Hans-Jürgen Klocke)
  • Schloss Ballenstedt

The main attraction is the majestic castle with its castle park designed by Peter Joseph Lenne that sits on the Strasse der Romanik (Romanesque Road). The castle offers an insight into the history of Saxony-Anhalt and shows changing exhibitions by contemporary artists.

The impressive fountains in the Castle Gardens laid out in the style of an Italian villa, rare trees and plants plus the "breathing dragon" and "water axis" can be discovered.

The town of Ballenstedt has also become famous by the works of many painters and writers. The local museum displays, among other things, interesting exhibitions of the chamberlain and court painter Wilhelm von Küngelgen, who lived in Ballenstedt from 1833 to 1867, as well as of the painter Caroline Bardua and her sister Wilhelmine. Unique items from the past can be found in the duke’s section of the Fürstin Pauline-Bibliothek (Princess Pauline Library), which is located in the old town. Furthermore, the Palace Theatre, which was built in 1788 and where Albert Lortzing and Franz Liszt performed, is worth visiting. The Gardens Rosenburg is located in Rieder, which is a district of Ballenstedt.

In 1907, the famous architect Bernhard Sehring designed it in the style of a medieval German castle complex. The later built Mausoleum with viewing tower and park combines elements of the Italian Renaissance and Baroque with the style of English landscape gardens. The historic architecture of the park gives the Rosenburg its fairytale character.

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