Upper Harz Water Management System

The Upper Harz Water Management System is the most important historic structure of dams, reservoirs, ponds and ditches in the world and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in August 2010.

  • Pfauenteiche (Foto: Harzwasserwerke)
  • Oberharzer Bergwerksmuseum (Foto: Oberharzer Bergwerksmuseum, D. Schaper)

Starting from the Middle Ages, it was the main power source for the mining in the Upper Harz for over 800 years. It provided hydropower, especially for the mining of ores and the operation of the pumps. Today, there are 107 lakes, 310km of water ditches and 30km of underground waterways preserved; while 65 ponds, 70km of ditches and 20km of underground waterways are still in operation.

Discover this unique world heritage landscape via the many hiking trails, or by visiting some of the mines and the Cistercian Monastery at Walkenried which represent a unity of culture and nature.

Guided tours above and below ground

A variety of tours are available at this UNESCO World Heritage site. We can organize a personal guided tour from - two hours, a half or whole day, or longer.

Explore the hidden depths of the Upper Harz in one of the mines. Begin your guided tour at the Upper Harz Mining Museum in Clausthal-Zellerfeld, the Emperor William Shaft in Clausthal or at a location of your choice.

Guided tour without reservation to the Hirschler-Pfauenteich Cascade

A two hour (approx) tour that introduces you to the most impressive pond system of the Upper Harz and the associated ditch network.

Every Saturday from April to October 2pm
Meeting point at the Kaiser Wilhelm II shaft
Erzstrasse 24, Clausthal-Zellerfeld

Individual guide EMIL

Ideal for children
The outdoor guide and information system is amazingly simple and entertaining way to discover the mining landscape and other world heritage sites. Historic photos, views to the underworld, eyewitness quotes and 3-D animations illustrate the relationship between landscape, mining and the UNESCO World Heritage of Upper Harz Water Management.
Rental and return during the opening hours of the Upper Harz mining museum.

Find out more about guided tours - over- and underground - exploring the Upper Harz Water Management System.

Das Oberharzer Bergwerksmuseum -
Upper Harz Mining Museum

Bornhardtstraße 16
38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld
Phone: 0049 (0)5323-98950