The trail is the goal - chain on the right!

With hands on the brakes, feet on the pedals and a concentrated look ahead; as in many parts of Germany, bikers will only discover the true magic of the Harz by cycling through its mountainous landscape.

  • Volksbank Arena Harz (Foto: H. Schneider)
  • Bikepark Hahnenklee (Foto: ErlebnisBocksberg Hahnenklee)
  • MTBler mit Karte an den Hahnenkleeklippen
  • Rosstrappendownhill Thale 6 (Foto: Seilbahnen Thale GmbH - Fotograf Daniel Kühne, Güntersberge)

A rapid change between stick and stone, mountain and river- only cyclists will be able to see the entire beauty of nature, which remains hidden to others. Light green deciduous forests and deep ravines whisk by. Lively change between forest roads, steep gravelled paths, narrow trails, rocky passages, adventure trails with jumps and turns and then a soft forest floor on which the wheels roll almost without any help. In the Harz National Park, cyclists will enjoy complete silence as well as the beauty of pristine wilderness, rugged cliffs and unexpected views. Only a few miles further, impressive cultural monuments, cosy little towns and peculiar ditches, which are the remains of a long mining tradition, are integral parts of the landscape.

A mountain-bike tour in the Harz leaves impressions, which could hardly be more exciting. For this reason, many cyclists are of the opinion that the Harz is the best mountain-bike region in northern Germany. Owing to the variety of well-marked trails, everyone will find a suitable route; from short and easy, to long and exhausting, high up or downhill.

Experience the special thrill of the Harz! 

Downhill & Bikeparks

Downhill & Bikeparks

Discover the variety of downhill & bikeparks in the Harz Mountains.