The Harz Border Trail

Walk on the Harz border trail

The former inner German border stretches 100 kilometers across the Harz landscape and traces the history of a once divided Germany. This former border patrol path crosses the Harz on a varied and sometimes hard hiking route.

  • Das Grüne Band (Foto: Andreas Lehmberg)
  • Das Grüne Band

The Harz Border Trail is part of the Green Belt that runs across Germany and once divided Europe. It runs along secretive boundary paths or former "patrol ways." This former inner German border combines in a unique way the nature, culture and history of the Harz Mountains. It crosses the mountains on a diverse and sometimes challenging hiking trail between the border watch tower at Rhoden (Osterwieck) in the north and the border museum in Tettenborn (Bad Sachsa) in the south.
Through the valley of the Ecker, following the small river that once was a border river, the trail winds its way along to the Ecker Dam which was also divided into two parts. The trail continues winding its way up to the Brocken, past the 'Dreieckiger Pfahl'(Triangular Post), a historical boundary stone. The trail goes beneath the Wurmberg to the memorial to the opening of the border, between Braunlage and Elend. Remnants of the division of Germany are stored in the open-air border museum near Sorge. The “ring of memory” and the Drei-Länder-Stein (boundary stone) by Benneckenstein are contemporary border markers on the way to the Walkenried Monastery. At the monastery you can get a fascinating insight into the importance of Cistercian monks and how they helped in the development of the region.
The Harz club has provided new signs posts along the trail. Information boards teach about protecting habitats and historical sites along the way. For those who want to know more, guided tours with specially trained staff are offered.  Specialized tour operators can organize hiking without luggage through various stages along the Harz border trail.

Starting point of the tour
Grenzturm Rhoden am Fallstein

Destination of the tour
Grenzmuseum Tettenborn/Bad Sachsa

From the former border Watchtower Rhoden in the north, the trail goes on a varied and demanding hiking route via the Okeraue through the Ecker Valley, and across the National Park up to the Brocken, then continuing on to the Wurmberg mountain, passing through mountain meadows and river valleys through to Walkenried and the South Harz gypsum karst landscape and finally ending at the Border Museum in Tettenborn, a district of Bad Sachsa.

Distance: 91.4km
Ascent: 2049m | Descent: 1922m
Duration: 20 hours
Lowest point: 97m | Highest point: 1141m

More Information
Harzklub e.V.
Bahnhofstr. 5a
38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld (website in german)

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