Harz National Park

legendary mountain wilderness

  • Moorstieg im Nationalpark (Foto: Frank Steingass)
  • Luchs Bella (Foto: Ole Anders)
  • Sonnenuntergang bei Sankt Andreasberg (Foto: Martina Fremdling)
  • Wandern im Torfhausmoor (Foto: M. Gloger)

Rugged granite cliffs, mountain spruce trees, misty moors and babbling brook valleys: pure nature in the Harz National Park.

The Harz National Park stretches over 10 percent of the total area of the Harz Mountains and encircles the 1,141 meter high Brocken; the highest mountain in northern Germany. Across the states of Lower Saxony and Saxon Anhalt a primeval forest has emerged again.

Let nature be nature is the motto here. The Harz National Park protects an extensive area with the natural dynamics of the ecosystem and its biological diversity. However, the Harz National Park although protected is by no means closed to visitors. On the contrary, tourists, day-trippers, locals  and schools as well as youth groups are encouraged to discover this special mountain wilderness. The philosophy of the National Park is to provide insightful and entertaining information which can be found at the National Park information centre, for example in Torfhaus, on special information boards or on the trails with a park ranger.

The National Park may also be explored alone on selected trails. Special programs in the field of nature and adventure education will help you view the nature with different eyes. While on the nature and mistrial trail you are accompanied by the legends, myths and nature of the National Park.

To get more information about Hiking in the Harz Mountains, see the heading "Hiking.”  And to find out what clothes you need to pack check the current Weather report.


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