Pure nature

Beautiful intoxicating wilderness

Visible from afar Germany’s most northern mountain range touches the horizon: the Harz.

The magic of the mountains lay hidden here for you to discover. Rugged granite cliffs, mountain pines, misty moors and deep valleys with babbling brooks are some of the characteristics of this region. Hiking and mountain bike trails wind through dense forests and lead to high mountain peaks. Rivers and lakes provide ideal places to cool down on hot summer days while in winter the snow-covered landscape of the Harz attracts many winter sports enthusiasts.

Eight funny animal selfies

Captured by hidden camera-traps in the Harz National Park

  • Fuchs stutzt über Fotofalle (© Nationalpark Harz)
  • Luchs setzt sich in Pose (© Nationalpark Harz)
  • Hase hoppelt vor Fotofalle (©Nationalpark Harz)
  • Was ist das denn? (©Nationalpark Harz)
  • Jetzt aber schnell! (©Nationalpark Harz)
  • Meise fliegt gegen die Fotofalle (©Nationalpark Harz)
  • 3 Jungluchse laufen vor die Fotofalle (© Nationalpark Harz)
  • Rothirsch tappt in die Fotofalle (© Nationalpark Harz)