the Harz caves

The cave town of Ruebeland is a district of the Upper Harz and Brocken and is surrounded by rugged cliffs rising up from the cold Bode valley.

  • Baumannshöhle in Rübeland (Foto: Jürgen Meusel)
  • Rübeland
  • Rübelandbahn
  • Skulptur in Rübeland

It owes its fame to the stalactite caves. In the unique cave landscape, visitors experience stunning and glittering stalactites, stalagmites and crystal chambers.  Discover the grotto lake with its inhabitants the “Grottenolmen” in the Hermann cave and the imposing Goethe hall with a natural theatre stage for up to 300 people in the Baumann cave. This natural theatrical stage gives shows and events, such as the popular Cave Festival, a very special flair.

Located directly on the popular long distance trail Harzer-Hexen-Stieg from Osterode to Thale and the train running between Blankenburg and Koenigshuette, make this an attractive holiday destination.

In summer cool down in the lido, which is filled with the cave water from the Hermann cave, even if it is nicknamed "warmest outdoor pool in the Upper Harz Mountains". The stainless steel lido pool, wide water slide, play and children's pool area, a spacious lawn and beach volleyball ensure a lot of fun.

Plenty of water can also be found in the nearby reservoir of the impressive dam system of Bode, Rappbode and the Blue Lake, which got his name from high mineral content and has a beautiful azure-blue colour in the early summer days.

Tourist information

Elbingerode/Höhlenort Rübeland/Königshütte
Markt 3
38875 Oberharz am Brocken OT Elbingerode
Telefon: 039454 89487

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