the romantic half-timbered town in the Harz

The small hops and half-timbered town of Hornburg is in the northern Harz region, situated by the River Ilse, between Brunswick and Bad Harzburg. It originates from around 1017, and is the birthplace of Pope Clement II.

  • Hornburg blüht (Foto: Stadt Hornburg)
  • Hornburg
  • Evangelische Marienkirche in Hornburg (Foto: Henning Meyer)

With the listed medieval Old Town and approximately 400 half-timbered framed houses Hornburg is one of the most beautiful small towns in northern Germany.

Of particular interest are the ornate Renaissance-timbered houses, such as the Neidhammel House 1563 and the Storchen House of 1560, the school's former Jewish community, now a shoe store, "Apel Roth", the marketplace and much more. They originated from a time when the hop trade brought great prosperity to Hornburg.

Being the birthplace of Pope Clement II, there is a museum dedicated to the first German pope. In "Pope Clement Gedächnisraum" one can find various exhibits and information on his life. The remaining part of the museum provides information about the town and castle history, regional and national framework construction and various crafts.

Also worth seeing are St. Mary's Church of 1616, one of the most beautiful churches in the northern Harz region, the Hagen Mill, and in 1977,in commemoration of Pope Clement II the consecrated Clement Catholic Church.

As a garden for the senses, you have to look in different places for more than 30 objects, to hear, to smell and the key to the town, a place of perception.

Around Hornburg are well-developed bicycle and hiking trails that lead through the Grosses Bruch, the Ilsetal, the Okeraue, and the Probsteiholz  - an ant-and bird sanctuary; and along the Green Belt . An absolute highlight is the newly established National Park "Hornburg - Grosses Bruch - Fallstein"

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38315 Hornburg
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