Saxony-Anhalt's oldest town

The town of Aschersleben is situated in the Harz Mountains between the eastern Harz and Magdeburg. As the oldest city in Saxony-Anhalt, it offers nature, culture and art lovers a varied and exciting destination.

  • Aschersleben (Foto: Stadt Aschersleben)
  • Aschersleber Globus (Foto: Stadt Aschersleben)
  • Weißer Tiger - Zoo Aschersleben

Particularly noteworthy and part of the State Garden Show 2010 are the newly landscaped gardens and park in Aschersleben. They form part of the project "Garden of Dreams" in Saxony-Anhalt and combine historical with modern. Such installations include the Promenade Ring, the Herrenbreite, the BestehornPark, the Rose Garden, the Town Park and the Eine-Terrace. Visitors will enjoy a range of different theme festivals in the gardens and parks as well as a place to just relax.

The "DRIVE TRU" gallery, under the motto "Art in the City", can be found in Aschersleben, the first gallery in Germany, which you can admire while driving past. Demolished and empty standing buildings now form works of art and are presented in various styles. Since 2011, the Aschersleben Museum has displayed the work of the artist Klaus Moritz, who was born in the town in 1930. The complete graphic work of Neo Rauch will be on display from mid-2012 in a permanent exhibition in the bar Besthornparks. The Aschersleber globe - a cast in bronze geoid, the Adam-Olearius -Plastic and the World Clock, round out the extensive art offerings.

Other highlights are the Criminal Panopticon, the Municipal Museum and the Aschersleben Zoo, with over 500 animal species, including white tigers, a jungle café and an adventure trail. Futhermore, it is worth visiting the Bestehornhaus, in which the German Federal Cabaret Festival as well as various concerts, conferences, seminars and extensive cultural programmes take place. You may also wish to discover the art and culture centre "Grauer Hof", the sports and leisure centre "Ballhaus", the Filmpalast (Film Palace) Aschersleben, the planetarium and Castle Freckleben.

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