Science Center phaeno

  • phaeno (c) J. Snatzke
  • magnetic sand (c) J. Snatzke
  • what´s more? (c) J. Snatzke
  • robot (c) J. Snatzke

Admire the more than 6m wide fire tornado, move a ball by just relaxing or rest comfortably on a bed of nails: These are just some examples of what visitors can expect on an exciting day in phaeno. Phaeno presents over 350 phenomena delight in science and technology. Young and old, families and groups will have something to discover in this unique experimental landscape. And the best of all, you can influence action, be hands on and determinate your way. There is no plan in which order you should explore the sections, let your curiosity guide you and it will lead you through interesting topics such as energy, mirror, vision or life. And be amazed by the spectacular unique architecture.

Imperial Palace in Goslar

The status of Goslar Palatinate as an important part of the German Empire was secured for over 150 years by the German kings'...



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