Open air museum royal palace Tilleda

  • Freilichtmuseum Königspfalz Tilleda (Foto: Pfalzarchäologie, M. Dapper)
  • medieval event - here: bookbinder, ©Pfalzarchäologie, M Dapper

The German emperors and kings had in Tilleda from the 10th to the 12th century an impressive residence. This complex was the only facility which could be fully excavated and is now considered the prime example of a Palatinate. This is Saxony-Anhalt's largest open-air archaeological museum, where the most important parts were reconstructed on the original site such as representative buildings, residential buildings, technical installations and workshops as well as defensive structures. Other interesting insights into life during this time are displayed in the exhibition houses and include archaeological finds, written and pictorial documents, models and replicas of historical workshops. The museum offers to the children many interactive parts as well as a separate, exciting excavation site.


Freilichtmuseum Königspfalz Tilleda
Westende der Ernst-Thälmann-Straße 4C
06537  Kelbra OT Tilleda

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