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  • Zinnfigurenmuseum in Goslar (Foto: Zinnfigurenmuseum Goslar)
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In the restored historic “Loh Mill” from the 16th century is Germany's most beautiful pewter figurine museum. Visitors discover the world heritage sites of the Harz in three interactive designed parts: "The Old Town Goslar", “Rammelsberg Mine” and “The Upper Harz Water Management”. Audio guides in English and German as well as children friendly displays ensure easy understanding. Also on show is an exhibition on the Thirty Years’ War with a large diorama of "The Battle Lutter am Barenberge" with about 2.200 characters as well as a fairy tale exhibition, where visitors have to guess the 30 tales. Special exhibitions complement the museums’ concept and offer continually new information.

The Harzgerode Castle

The Harzgerode castle was first mentioned in 1384 and was structurally extended in the 16th century.



Museumsufer - Zinnfiguren-Museum
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