Museumsufer - Goslar Museum

  • Goslar Museum, ©Stadt Goslar Fachdienst Kultureinrichtungen
  • "mountain pot", ©Stadt Goslar Fachbereich Kultureinrichtungen, V. Schadach

The museum is in a former curia from 1514 and an adjacent half-timbered house from 1510 and it has extensive collections on the history and art of the city as well as the geology and mineralogy of the region on display. The exhibition provides information in 30 thematic sections on the history of the city, beginning with the pre- and early history up to contemporary historical aspects as industrialization and tourism. Highlights include the famous Krodo Altar, the Goslar Gospels, a coin collection with more than 1.000 Goslar coins from eight centuries, the "mountain pot" of 1477 and the original of the Goslar Fountain eagle. The history of Goslar is reflected in the history of the guild, the justice of the Middle Ages, the old town hall pharmacy as well as the living during the Biedermeier period.

Kyffhäuser Monument

Only a few minutes away from the picturesque Kurstadt Bad Frankenhausen rises the imposing "Kaiser Wilhelm I monument".



Museumsufer - Goslarer Museum
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