Harz Watch Museum

You can expect to see around 300 kinds of cuckoo clocks, grandfather clocks as well as several other exhibits. During a guided tour you will learn more about the history of clock making in Gernrode. You can also watch the clockmaker making a cuckoo clock in the workshop. Children will have a lot of fun watching the cuckoo of the giant cuckoo clock (14.50 m) in action. The weather house at the house gable with its water wheel and saw gate, as well as the largest cuckoo clock made of chocolate are some other highlights of a visit to the clock museum. Should you want to, you can also buy a cuckoo clock; they are available in every price range. Refreshments are provided in our restaurant with outdoor terrace.

Wernigerode Castle

Fairytale castle or haunted castle? One might say that this beautifully situated castle, mysteriously changes its appearance with...



Harzer Uhrenfabrik
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