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Discover history. The wall between East and West came down more than 20 years ago. Many things and items have been forgotten and the children born after the reunification can hardly remember GDR products and stories, not all was bad. It is time to provide good and of course negative things, stories and facts to young people and visitors, who are not familiar with everyday life in 40 years GDR. The focus of the exhibition is put on the living and everyday life in the GDR. We want to give an impression of the living conditions in the former GDR with the exhibits and our information boards. The showpieces are arranged in order of a timeline, the further you go into the museum, the further you penetrate into the history, until you reach 1949, the founding year of the GDR. Wherever possible, we have endeavoured to provide a neutral way of viewing. But please make up your own mind.

Palace Museum

Palace Sondershausen was for many centuries the residence of the Schwarzburg counts and princes, the rulers of the small...



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