Flohburg - The Nordhausen Museum

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  • ©Pressestelle Stadt Nordhausen, I. Bergmann

Flohburg is one of the oldest half-timbered houses in Nordhausen. The house was mentioned first in the 12th century under the name "Haus der Barte” (house of the beard) later the Flohburg. The Flohburg is a house, brewery, theatre, workhouse and children's library. With the opening of the Nordhausen Museum on 30th June 2012, the valuable collections of Nordhausen received a worthy home. The 19 topics vividly present history and stories from the over 1.090 years-long rich history of the town.
On 1.000m² of exhibition space, the home town history, geology, archaeology and natural history are combined under one roof. It is a place to encounter history through interactive learning and reflection.

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Flohburg - Das Nordhausen-Museum
Barfüßerstraße 6
99734  Nordhausen

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