castle museum

view of the castle, ©SIGNA Graphic Design Atelier Fischer

The medieval emperors and kings knew no capital. They ruled their fragmented land by moving from Palatinate to Palatinate to check if everything is in order.
Heinrich I (c.875-936), the first German king, established "Quitilingaburg", the imperial castle with Palatinate function, and is buried here, in what was his favourite place. The Imperial ladies convent was founded in 936 by Queen Mathilde, widow of Heinrich I. Prominent women such as Countess Maria Aurora von Konigsmark (1662-1728), beloved by the Saxon King, "August the Strong". The castle museum, part of the UNESCO world heritage, attracts visitors to view the state rooms and exhibitions, that tell the story of medieval Quedlinburg and the Ottonian dynasty. The strange looking "Robbers Counts Box", a wooden prison cage where Count Albrecht II of Regenstein was held in 1337 for two years, is just one of the remarkable curiosity's that can be viewed.  Admire the breathtaking views over the picturesque mosaic of roofs and the Harz Mountains from the castle hill.


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