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  • (c)Talsperrenbetrieb Sachsen-Anhalt

Saxony-Anhalt has 33 reservoirs at different levels. The lakes are a great water storage as well as popular recreation areas. The reservoirs serve mainly for the raw water supply and drinking water purification. More than a million people in central Germany benefit from the drinking water. In addition, the risk of flooding in the catchment areas, such as Bode and Helme, is reduced. The reservoir operation Saxony-Anhalt offers guided inside tours of Wendefurth. Along the impressive tours with the expert guidance you learn interesting facts about the dimensions and structural monitoring of the dams. To complete this tour, you can watch an informative film about the multifunctional Bode system, which is shown in the information centre.
Please note: there are numerous steps to cope. All year average temperature: 8-10°C, in summer we recommend warmer clothing.

Kyffhäuser Monument

Only a few minutes away from the picturesque Kurstadt Bad Frankenhausen rises the imposing "Kaiser Wilhelm I monument".



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