Treat yourself to a romantic steam train journey on the “Bergkönigin” (Mountain Queen), a historic 95 027 steam engine dating back to the year 1926. The train travels along the tracks of the former Rübelandbahn railway. Although the official operation of the railway line ceased in the year 2000, a number of different special journeys still enable railway enthusiasts to enjoy an excellent travel experience. The steam train huffs and puffs its way along one of Germany's most impressive inclined railways, taking passengers through the stunning and unmissable Harz landscape. The 14.4-kilometre-long journey also leads them through a tunnel and around tight twists and curves before it reaches its destination at “Rübeland” station.

Kyffhäuser Monument

Only a few minutes away from the picturesque Kurstadt Bad Frankenhausen rises the imposing "Kaiser Wilhelm I monument".



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