The Herb Park in Altenau

  • KräuterPark Altenau (Foto: KräuterPark Altenau)
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1.500 herbs and aromatic plants are planted on an area of 30.000 sqm in the largest herb and spice park worldwide. In the spice gallery visitors can learn all about the origin, use and healing powers of herbs and spices. Here more than 800 home-made spice mixes from around the world let the heart of every gourmet beat faster. Oils and essences and own cordials give an idea of how diverse herbs and spices can be processed.
In addition, there are healthy medicinal herbs and teas, incense and oils to inspire Naturopathy. A special highlight is the exotic spice pagoda which evokes images of a Buddhist temple. Inside visitors learn more about the vivid history of spices displayed in various exhibits from around the world.

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