European Rosarium

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If a single rose is known as the "queen of flowers" - how much prominence is there, then in the 8600 different rose varieties and species to be discovered in the European Rosarium Sangerhausen!
The largest and most significant collection of roses in the world started when Peter Lambert, of Tier proposed the idea in 1897. The amateur rose gardener Albert Hoffmann and Professor Ewald Gnau, joined and the park was officially opened in 1903. The main principle of Europe's largest rose garden is the collection and presentation of historic roses, breeding new wild roses all in a 12.5-acre park with magnificent rose wood scenery. Rarities such as the "green rose" or the "black rose" are special attractions. Flower lovers are invited to one of the events held in the year - maybe you are lucky enough to meet the Sangerhausen queen.

Castle and Fortress Regenstein

The open-air museum shows many alcove rooms and well-preserved walls of the former Prussian fortress.



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