The Zoo

  • (c) Halberstadt-Information, M. Breitschuh
  • (c) Halberstadt-Information, M. Breitschuh

The Zoo “Tiergarten Halberstadt” is beautifully located in the park and hill landscape "Spiegelsberge" and houses 250 animals from 60 species. Red deer, wild boar, Bactrian camels, Berber monkeys, lamas, meerkats and many species of birds are kept according to the latest zoological findings. It is an excellent zoo according to the German Zoo Society. In recent years, some areas were newly built and renovated, which also include a walk-in enclosure. Kids will love the petting zoo, which allows direct contact with animals, as well as the nature trail along the circular route around the zoo. Here one can learns how to read tracks and to detect odours. A specialty is the insect garden and the biotope pond.

Palace Museum

Palace Sondershausen was for many centuries the residence of the Schwarzburg counts and princes, the rulers of the small...



Stadt Halberstadt - Tiergarten
Spiegelsberge 4
38820  Halberstadt

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