The NatUrzeitmuseum (Natural History Museum)

  • NatUrzeitmuseum (Foto: Bad Sachsa Information, T. Sieland)
  • exhibition, ©Bad Sachsa Information, T. Sieland
  • presentation board, ©Bad Sachsa Information, T. Sieland

The Natural History Museum in Bad Sachsa sends visitors on a journey through 290 million years of natural development in the southern Harz Mountains. It starts with mount Ravensberg, which is the remain of a more than 100m high volcano. The visitor learns about the Ravensberg balls; stone balls that are filled with crystals and therefore sought after as collectors' items. Another exhibition shows the fossils of sea fish: cartilaginous fish, bony fish, ray-finned and lobe-fins fish. It also displays the beginning of today's land shape the gypsum karst and glacial as well as the world of dinosaurs. Pareiasaurus, protorosaurus and coelurosauravus were found here.

Kyffhäuser Monument

Only a few minutes away from the picturesque Kurstadt Bad Frankenhausen rises the imposing "Kaiser Wilhelm I monument".



NatUrzeitmuseum Bad Sachsa
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