Chair Lift to Rosstrappe

  • (c) Seilbahnen Thale GmbH

This chair lift connects the Bode valley with the Hexentanzplatz (witches dance square) and the Rosstrappe. It starts right at the adventure world Thale and is THE place to visit within Harz. There is the mini golf, the fun park and now brand new - to discover the fun island. With more than 20 game-and-fun-devices on land, at sea and in the air you can experience the absolute fun here. And all this in the middle of lush nature.
The cable car leads up to the Hexentanzplatz, where you can get an adrenalin rush when going down on the summer bob "Harzbob". And if you take the other chair lift, you can reach the legendary Rosstrappe 403 meters high; one of the greatest granite crags north of the Alps. On the summit you will see what looks like a horse shoe embedded into the rock. Back in the Bode Valley get a snack in the rustic “Hexenkessel” (witches pot), where you can get inexpensive food and drink.


Sessellift zur Roßtrappe
Goetheweg 1
06502  Thale

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