Mining Experience Röhrigschacht Wettelrode

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The “Röhrigschacht” is one of the few historic mines which provide an operational man-hoist shaft.
Discover the preserved shaft winding engine, which takes you down to a depth of 283 meters where a mine train is waiting to carry you to the Copper Shale Bed. The mining of copper ore from its beginnings to modern times is vividly explained here. On the basis of the extremely low degradation of 40 and 80 cm respectively, visitors will be able to relate to the hard labour conditions of the miners.
The museum shows exhibits of former mining and those of modern times, gears, drilling rigs, chargers, underground transportation, mining mechanization as well as equipment for mine ventilation and drainage. The useful information is completed by a tour on the educational mining trail above-ground.

Castle and Fortress Regenstein

The open-air museum shows many alcove rooms and well-preserved walls of the former Prussian fortress.



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