Karst Cave Heimkehle

Karst Cave Heimkehle, ©Kommunaler Eigenbetrieb Südharz

Karst cave - monument - bat territory: the Heimkehle cave is one of the most impressive Karst caves in Germany, which was created over hundreds of thousands of years ago by the waters of river Thyra, Krebsbach and Krummschlacht. The emerged cavities that have been enhanced by the Karst process left large alcoves and tunnels. The cave was first mentioned in 1357 and opened for tourist only in 1920. At the end of World War II 1.500 detainees had to establish a satellite production for the concentration camp DORA to continue with production of Junkers company Dessau. A memorial in the small cathedral commemorates the victims of this time. Only in 1954 tourist were able to visit the cave once again.
With a total length of 2.000m the Heimkehle cave is one of the largest caves in the southern Harz Karst landscape. Visitors can explore up to 600m including the impressive Great Dome with a 22m high ceiling.

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Höhle Heimkehle
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