The Harzgerode Castle

  • Wehrgang im Schloss Harzgerode (Foto: Stadt Harzgerode, E. Schindler)
  • Stadt Harzgerode (c) E. Schindler

The Harzgerode castle was first mentioned in 1384 and was structurally extended in the 16th century. From 1635 to 1709 this Renaissance castle served as the residence of Harzgerode families in power of Saxony Anhalt. The main building, the round tower and the covered walkway that enclose an almost square courtyard, have been lovingly preserved. In the local history museum is an exhibition on the local history, the mining era and many stunning art castings. The ballroom with parquet flooring made from 18 native species of wood is used for concerts. The historical cabinet displays original pieces of the 200-year history. The tower room shows sculptures and bronze sculptures made by Prof. Wilhelm Otto, who was born in Harzgerode. Temporary exhibitions are held in the reception room. Along the west walk way is a permanent exhibition of 50 art cast objects, which illustrating the excellent quality of local products, founded in 1646 ironworks “Mägdesprung”.

Castle and Fortress Regenstein

The open-air museum shows many alcove rooms and well-preserved walls of the former Prussian fortress.



Schloss Harzgerode
Schloßstraße 1
06493  Harzgerode

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