Museum Monastery and Imperial Palace

  • Museum Monastery and Imperial Palace, ©A. Stedtler
  • (c)A. Stedtler

In the 10th century the place Memleben took its place in history. On several occasions, King Henry I and his son Emperor Otto I stayed at this location. Memleben being the death place for Henry I († 936) as well as the beginning of the reign of Otto, but at the same time also the end of his empire, when Otto I. died in 973. The spirit of the former Benedictine monastery, founded after the death of Otto in Memleben is still being felt today. The magnificent monastery church ruin nestles between monastery garden and the cloister buildings. Discover in the crypt well preserved, late Romanesque exerts. In addition to five exhibition areas, the monastery Memleben offers a regular program of events, supported occasionally by Benedictine monks.

Monastery Michaelstein

Founded in 1146 Michaelstein is well away from the city life situated in an idyllic Harz Mountains remoteness.



Museum Kloster und Kaiserpfalz Memleben
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