Cathedral and Treasure

  • Domschatz Halberstadt - Tafelreliquiar, 2. Viertel des 13. Jahrhunderts - (c) Kulturstiftung Sachsen-Anhalt - Falk Wenzel
  • Domschatz Halberstadt - Wärmeapfel mit zugehörigem Etui um 1280-1300 - (c) Kulturstiftung Sachsen-Anhalt - Falk Wenzel

For more than 1.200 years is the Halberstadt cathedral and church of St Stephen and St Sixtus spiritual centre of the city and the entire region. Fascinating art testify its turbulent history. The Halberstadt cathedral treasure is considered one of the largest medieval church treasures worldwide with more than 650 pieces. Magnificent, liturgical garments, fine cast bronzes and gold artefacts, sculptures and altarpieces reflect the masterful art of the Middle Ages. World famous are the textile masterpiece collections, one of which is the Abraham Engel rug dating back to 1150. Admire about 300 prestigious pieces in the completely new redesigned historic rooms of the cathedral. The highlight of every guided tour is the treasury with precious goldsmith and ivories, elaborate inlay and rock crystal cut art.


Kulturstifting Sachsen-Anhalt
Domplatz 16 a
38820  Halberstadt

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