Grenzlandmuseum Bad Sachsa

With many of the original exhibits, the museum shows the development of the inner-German border in the southern Harz from 1945 to the fall of the wall in 1989.

In addition to documentation, such as how the inner-German border barrier in the southern Harz was built and expanded between1945-1989; the Museum puts a special emphasis on the incredible stories of escape attempts as well as life in the border area. Listen to authentic sound recording of the alarm being raised for an attempted escape or the story of the hot-air balloon, which made a bold attempt for freedom. On display is also an impressive collection of medals and badges of honour and documents, which give you an insight into the former state security system of the GDR.

KZ-Gedenkstätte Mittelbau-Dora

The concentration camp where prisoners built the underground rocket factory was created due to the relocation of the production...



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