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Visitor Mine Glasebach


In the mine pit museum Glasebach visitors can learn in an impressive way the life and work of the miners.


The NatUrzeitmuseum (Natural History Museum)

Bad Sachsa

The Natural History Museum in Bad Sachsa sends visitors on a journey through 290 million years of natural development in the southern Harz Mountains.


Chess village Ströbeck

Halberstadt OT Schachdorf Ströbeck

Chess village Ströbeck - where the game has a 1.000-year-old tradition.


HöhlenErlebnisZentrum Iberger Tropfsteinhöhle (Dripstone Cave)

Bad Grund

Open since 2008, the centre displays the geological history in three parts and shows a highlight of the European cave archaeology: the “Museum im Berg” introduces mount Iberg as a former coral reef of the...


Railway Museum in the Station

Goslar OT Vienenburg

The museum is in the former station building and displays on approximately 100m² an overview of the development of the railway and its significance for the Harz.

Displaying results 33 to 37 out of 37
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