Experiencing the Nebra Sky Disk

  • (c) Arche Nebra, S. Schellhorn
  • (c)Arche Nebra, H.-J. Steglich

The Nebra Ark tells the fascinating story of the Nebra Sky Disk. Dating back more than 3.600 years, this sky disk is the oldest known concrete representation of the cosmos world. What is unique about it? How was it made? Who uses it - and above all for what? Complex astronomical knowledge is encrypted on this bronze sky disk. Visitors can experience in the planetarium what our ancestors already knew of heaven and earth. A 30m high observation tower marks the place where the disk was found, in the Geo-Natural Park Saale Unstrut Triasland. On a clear day you can see mount Brocken. Be fascinated and understand how the Bronze Age Sky Disc was used.

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Arche Nebra - Die Himmelsscheibe erleben
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