Wernigerode Castle

Fairytale castle or haunted castle? One might say that this beautifully situated castle, mysteriously changes its appearance with the weather!
The first foundations were ensured in the Middle Ages as the castle lay along the path of German Emperors travelling on hunting excursions to the Harz. The castle was rebuilt and expanded many times, but it was radically transformed in the 19th century under the direction of the architect Carl Frühling, which gave rise to this mighty and significant work of art. Even the landscaped gardens, especially the high terrace were subject to a unified principle. The client, Count Otto of Stolberg-Wernigerode (1837-1896), was at the height of his political career as Deputy Vice Chancellor Bismarck, as the German Empire occupied a prominent position. It is hardly surprising that the attention to detail and artistic principle was carried out inside the castle to the highest quality.

Palace Museum

Palace Sondershausen was for many centuries the residence of the Schwarzburg counts and princes, the rulers of the small...



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