Hexenhaus (witches house)

The crazy witches house is the home of witch Watelinde. Enter the premises via the café and everything seems pretty normal. But already from the outside you can tell, that this tree, with the roots above the ground can’t be missed, and neither the half-timbered house, which is upside down. What happened? Rumour has it, that a spell wrongly said, is now twisting all. But don’t worry, if you can’t fly, enter the house via a door in the attic. There the witch is waiting for you reading the old spell books. The spell to make everything right again has not be found yet. The stairway leads visitors to the actual floor with the living rooms. Would you not like to know how the witches lived? Well, it’s time to come and see for yourself.

Ballenstedt Castle

The castle complex with church, tower and the tomb of "Albert the Bear" as well as various exhibitions, such as...



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