4 for U in Eckartsberga

  • Eckartsberga Freizeitspass (Foto: F. Ulrich)
  • haunted house, ©Irrgarten Eckartsberga, F. Ulrich

Four attractions at one location. Get lost in the fabulous maze of Eckartsberga, where visitor will be led astray. The maze covers a distance of 1.550 meters without dead ends, the shortest route to the destination measures 365m – but you have to find it first.
Enter the haunted house and face your fears while ghosts, darkness and obstacles cross your way.
Skills will be needed but fun awaits you in the games house. And the 1.000-year-old Eckartsburg (castle) is one of the oldest and largest fortresses still standing in central Germany. This castle and many other castles were recreated on a scale of 1 to75 in the Burgenland (castle world theme park). The whole family is welcome to take a ride with the mini-train. Time is turned back in the Dinosaur World, where miniature versions of large dinosaurs are displayed.

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4 for you in Eckartsberga
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