The Karst Biosphere Reserve South Harz

a trip for nature lovers in the Harz

The Karst Biosphere Reserve South Harz is an insider's tip for people who enjoy the silent beauty of nature.

  • Adonisröschen (Foto: Biosphärenreservat Karstlandschaft Südharz)
  • Breitunger Flur (Foto: Biosphärenreservat Karstlandschaft Südharz)
  • Wald in der Mooskammer (Foto: Biosphärenreservat Karstlandschaft Südharz)
  • Langohr Fledermaus (Foto: Biosphärenreservat Karstlandschaft Südharz)

Those who visit will be forever amazed: endless carpets of white wood anemone, the intense smell of wild garlic, pink flowering fruit trees, lush blue cornflowers and brilliant red poppies as far as the eye can see.

This special gem is located between the historical town of Stolberg in the West and Sangerhausen, the city of roses, to the East Harz.

A tropical sea used to cover the area more than 250 million years ago. The sea is long gone but the former seabed has remained, showing massive deposits of Zechstein salt, which forms into gypsum. Here, the water percolated quickly in the underground. Within a short period of time, burbling streams turn into dry creeks - this phenomenon is called “Bachschwinde”. Caves were formed and collapse as if by magic. Dolines and sinkholes created remarkable dips in the landscape which provided the area with its unique characteristics.

The Karst Biosphere Reserve South Harz is also a valuable habitat for adders, salamanders, black storks and owls. The majestic wild cat wanders through the undergrowth of the highly impressive orchid beech woods. The many caves are home to numerous bats, while sheep and goats graze on the sun-drenched orchards.

For more information on the nature of the region and the tasks of the Karst Biosphere Reserve South Harz see

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