UNESCO Global Geopark Harz. Braunschweiger Land. Ostfalen

  • Geopark Harz - Braunschweiger Land. Ostfalen
  • Lehrpfad im Laubwald (Foto: Dr. Klaus George)
  • Stomatolith (Foto: Linke)
  • Stromatolith (Foto: Linke)

The Geopark, Harz - Braunschweiger Land - Ostfalen offers the possibility to pass through millions of years of geological history in just a short walk.

The important geological and mineralogical diversity of the Harz Mountains and beyond is displayed in the Geopark “Harz - Braunschweiger Land - Ostfalen.” This Geopark recognized both nationally and internationally, identifies the geological features of the region and make it touchable for visitors. For this purpose, the Geopark is divided into so-called landmarks that identify places of geographic, cultural and historic importance.

The Geo-points which are designated within these landmarks portray geological features worth visiting. This can be special rock outcrops in the landscape and institutions which are concerned with the geology of the region. There are as many as 18 landmarks with up to 14 special Geo-points.

For more information on the individual landmarks please refer to the website:

Millions of years of geological history can be experienced during a short walk in the Harz.

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