The House of Nature

Haus der Natur in Bad Harzburg (Foto: Haus der Natur)

Listen to the roaring of a deer, go on a journey and discover the life of a thick beech tree or learn how the mighty bark beetle kills huge pine trees. The House of Nature offers stunning information about the fauna and flora of the Harz Mountains using many interactive stations. Observe the unique behaviour of ants in the ant vivarium up close: for example, how they collect food or create their own cemetery. A passageway leads to the ants nest in the natural outdoor area where the ants also stay in winter. The lynx is another important animal within the exhibition: see how the lynx prepare to get her cub, watch real video footage taken in the Harz Mountains and learn more about the lynx project of the Harz National Park. Test your wildlife knowledge and gain the "Forest Expert Certificate".

Chess village Ströbeck

Chess village Ströbeck - where the game has a 1.000-year-old tradition.



Haus der Natur
Nordhäuser Straße 2e
38667  Bad Harzburg

05322 784337