Schraube Museum - home decor around 1900

  • Schraube-Museum Halberstadt (Foto: Städtisches Museum Halberstadt)
  • once the family Schraube lived here, ©Städtisches Museum Halberstadt

Well known, committed and popular was the last representative of the old-established Halberstadt industrial and trader’s family Schraube. Margarete Schraube was born in 1903, she attended in the 1920-ies the University, travelled extensively and was a very good swimmer. She worked as a teacher, remained unmarried and childless. Halberstadt owes her a unique testimony of plain living culture around 1900. The showpiece, the salon, is just as majestic as the princely dining hall in nearby palace Wernigerode. Parlour, bedroom and kitchen show how previously in olden days people lived, and offer the best visual aids for schools.

Restaurant Theater Hotel...

The unique thing about this hotel is, you can enjoy typical Harz delicacies, a performance evening at the in-house theatre as...



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