Railway Museum in the Station

  • Railway Museum, ©H. Moritz
  • historic ticket machine, ©P. Fischer

The main building of the Vienenburg train station was built back in 1840, and therefore this is the oldest surviving station in Germany. The museum is in the former station building and displays on approximately 100m² an overview of the development of the railway and its significance for the Harz. Old photos and plans give an impression of the former dimensions of the station. On show is also a former ticket printer/machine (Edmonsonsche ticket). Discover also old steam locomotive wheel sets, a signal collection, freight and packaging cars, old carriages as well as other historic treasures. One of the top moments at the museum is, when you can admire the old steam locomotive =52 360= in action, which has its home in a different location.

Experiencing the Nebra Sky...

The Nebra Ark tells the fascinating story of the Nebra Sky Disk.



Eisenbahnmuseum Vienenburg
Bahnhofstraße 8
38690  Goslar OT Vienenburg

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