Nationalpark-Besucherzentrum TorfHaus

The National Park Torfhaus Visitor Centre is located 811m above sea level in the middle of the first cross-border national park in Germany.

With an interesting exhibition and impressive multimedia offerings, the “Torfhaus” conveys the core philosophy of the National Park: “let nature be nature”, as well as enthusiasm for the beauty and ecology of the natural treasures of the Harz.

 It also provides gripping details about the history and development of the Green Belt in the National Park region. With tips and information, the Torfhaus Visitor Centre will stimulate the appetite for walks in the National Park, along the Green Belt or to the Brocken via the Goetheweg.

On “Cross Connection Tours” and other trips, hikers can discover the many little secrets of nature and history along the Green Belt, either on their own or together with professional guides. 

Vitamar Leisure & Adventure...

The Vitamar is a special swimming and sauna experience for the whole family.



Nationalpark-Besucherzentrum TorfHaus
Torfhaus 8
38667  Altenau OT Torfhaus

05320 331790