Joseph Cross

Joseph Cross, ©Kommunaler Eigenbetrieb Südharz

The Joseph Cross on the Auerberg in Stolberg in the Harz, the largest iron double cross in the world, is 38 meters high and held together by about 100.000 rivets. Visitors can climb the 200 steps to be rewarded with a fantastic view across the Lower Harz. In good weather the views range from Inselsberg in the Thuringian Forest to Magdeburg, where the towers of the cathedral can be seen. Already in 1833 you could find here a lookout tower in the form of a wooden double cross, which was designed by the Berlin architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel. During a bad storm in 1880 the tower got damaged and was then replaced by a steel truss structure. The new landmark was opened in 1896 and since then perched majestically above the mountains and hills of the southern Harz.

The Playhouse

The largest indoor game world in the Harz with plenty of space for a lot of fun whatever the weather.



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