Ice Skating Paradise at the Salztal Paradise

  • ice skating (c)Bädergesellschaft Bad Sachsa mbH, D. Kühne
  • ice skating (c)Bädergesellschaft Bad Sachsa mbH, D. Kühne

Pirouettes or curling even when the weather is warm. If you love "Holiday on Ice" then the Salztal Paradise is a must. Find here superb ice skating conditions, enjoy disco on ice or simply skate hand in hand with your loved one. Cute little penguins guide and support children during their first steps on ice. Skates for hire are available in various sizes. And once you finished skating why not go next door and discover the adventure pool with tube slide or the soulfood restaurant "Paradiese Diner".

Echter Nordhäuser...

It is the most important museum of German grain distilling tradition.



Eislaufhalle Salztal Paradies
Talstraße 28
37441  Bad Sachsa

+49 (0)5523 950980