Ballenstedt Castle

  • Schloss Ballenstedt
  • grave Albrecht the Bear, ©Stadt Ballenstedt, J. Meusel
  • The Castle, ©Stadt Ballenstedt, J. Meusel
  • Uta von Ballenstedt (c) Stadt Ballenstedt, J. Meusel

Ballenstedt - the cradle of Anhalt and town of "Albert the Bear" - is a jewel on the northern edge of the Harz with a significant history. The castle complex with church, tower and the tomb of "Albert the Bear" as well as various exhibitions, such as "The early Askanier" are main attractions in Ballenstedt. Situated on the Romanesque road Ballenstedt invites you to relax and enjoy the historic buildings. Take a stroll through the adjacent castle park, which was redesigned by Peter Joseph, and admire the magnificent old trees, or visit one of the concerts during the Ballenstedt Music Summer. A very special and unique building is the oldest recorded theatre in central Germany - the Castle Theatre Ballenstedt. Built in 1788, the theatre was once workplace of Albert Lortzing and Franz Liszt and offers visitors today a varied programme with different themes.

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Schloss Ballenstedt
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